Sex the annabel chung story. Sex: The Annabel Chong Story.

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Sex the annabel chung story

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Sex the annabel chung story

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  1. What's really disturbing is the guys who signed up to be the men. Another layer of her psyche has her engaging in sex acts that demean and are demeaning.

  2. I see a sequel. Some of the scenes in the film can be uncomfortable, but there is very little sex in the film. She justifies all her actions as a statement of feminist rebellion against the double standard that women should not enjoy sex and should not have multiple partners when for men society says the opposite.

  3. Blagging post-feminist extroversion for all she's worth, the confused and insecure Quek allows herself to be filmed taking a blade to her forearm, waiting in a public clinic for HIV results and plucking up the courage to come clean to her unsuspecting folks.

  4. This film is a sad look at one woman trapped in that lucrative world, which no one really wants to admit exists.

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